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"This book gives an excellent overview on every aspect of credit management. Every chapter is full of advice.”

Lorna Rowe, Credit Controller, Ireland

"I felt the book was very simple, easy to read, practical”

Jack McCarthy, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Financial Services, Business Process Manager, Ireland

"The book is aimed at business people who want to convert sales to cash while maintaining excellent customer services and through reading and implementing some of the many tips in the book also streamline their processes.”

Karen Graham, Credit Manager, Hireco, Ireland

"The book outlines not only the challenges faced by credit personnel, but also the explanation as to why these challenges exist and how to troubleshoot them in a clear and logical way.”

Thomas Kiely, Accounts Receivable Specialist, Glanbia Plc, Ireland

“Credit control is a discipline with many facets. It is also important in the planning of a company’s working capital. This book highlights an important aspect that is not always the first consideration when the effectiveness of the credit control function is evaluated and assessed. In everyday practice customer communication is crucial. This book succeeds in giving clear directives regarding the communication and cooperation with customers from different angles in a fun and practical way. It also helps the reader by using evaluation models and lists to develop themselves and to help them become more successful in achieving departmental and corporate goals.

Jeroen van Santen, General Manager Accounting & Reporting, Sony Europe Limited, United Kingdom

"A book well defining credit management and control and how you can establish happy customers, whilst balancing prompt payment through correct understanding and practice. A lot of research and case study has gone into the book, which makes the book exceptional and worth-reading. Well done!"

Benedict Wong, President & CEO of Total Credit & Risk Management Group, Hong Kong

“This book serves as an excellent resource for enterprises newly, or potentially interested in growing with sustainable margin and profit. For associates and professionals expanding or changing careers, Happy Customers, Faster Cash offers an outside-of-the box treatment of the key areas of importance to the success of any credit and collection organization, regardless of enterprise size.

In a concise manner, the reader is introduced to credit analysis techniques, invoice conversion process and practices, the fundamentals of process flow analysis, customer portfolio management and as well, various negotiation and problem resolution solutions, all invaluable to the team spirit required for the highest level of enterprise success.

Challenges addressed are real-world oriented and deliver recommendations that contribute to the profitable expansion strategies of any enterprise. It is both readable and digestible for any person interested in any of the topics discussed. Fine work!”

Patrick O. Connelly Phd, Founder and CEO Tao Institute for Credit and Risk Management, Clearwater, Florida

"The book is something I would gladly give out as a gift to my clients; it is an excellent learning manual for their team and serves as a "refresher" to the seasoned professional. The book covers areas in great detail where it helps the novice with fundamental skills that allows them to grow in their profession.”

Lou Figueroa CCC, President, Credit Decisions International, U.S.

The authors have put together an excellent resource for the modern credit & collection manager. The clever and succinct images and graphs alone are worth your investment of time and money – all the rest, and it is considerable, is a bonus!

Tim Paulsen, Author of “Paid in Full”, Managing Director International Centre for Professional Collections / T.R. Paulsen & Associates, Canada

"Marketing, sales and service departments come first to mind when we think of customer contact. The importance of the role of credit and debt collection staff is too often overlooked. In this book, they get the attention they deserve. In an easy to read way the authors provide the reader with the tools to make a difference in customer contact and thereby contributing to customer satisfaction and customer profit."

Wil Wurtz MA, managing consultant Crux Digital and lecturer at Beeckestijn Business School for the Post Master Course CRM, The Netherlands

Most businesses today realise the fundamental importance of good customer relations, but many are unaware of what is needed to achieve them. In ‘Happy Customers Faster Cash’, the authors have taken the concept of ‘The Customer is King’ to a whole new level to show businesses how to have clear guidelines on how to effectively please – not just serve – their customers, and why ‘happy customers’ are the best asset your business could ever have!”

Carol Baker, Editor, Credit Control Journal and Asset & Risk Review, United Kingdom

“The holy grail of any business is Happy Customers, and this book gives cultural insights into conducting business in India. Lucidly written, it details different aspects of business management, and can be a useful tool for anyone who intends to serve the Indian customer. Anecdotal references make the book an easy read for the greenhorn entrepreneur as well as the seasoned professional.”

Dr. Hanif Kanjer, Dean, Rustomjee Business School, India

“Happy Customers Faster Cash India Edition has been written in a simple, functional, easy to read manner with light banter that makes it relevant, interesting and engaging. While retaining the context in focus throughout (managing the receivable asset) several tips and references have been offered for the reader to grasp its essence (i.e. a happy customer ensures faster cash.)”

Narayan Moorthy, Senior Consultant, Edify Labs, India

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