Corporate Training

We offer an interactive training program for companies based on the book “Happy Customers, Faster Cash”.   These programs are typically one day in length and tailored to the needs and requirements of your credit management team.

The training is intended for members of the credit management team. The main focus is on improving communication skills and better managing customer relationships.  The training is pragmatic and based on many years of experience and insights in account management, credit management and customer service management.


  •      Credit management in general: the integrated role and function of credit management. 

  •      Dunning strategies (depending on your needs - tailor made adjustment of the program is possible).      

  •      Credit management and customer service

  •      How credit management & sales can and should reinforce each other

  •      Effective communication with customers

  •      Dealing with stress and emotions

  •      Dealing with excuses for late payment

  •      Developing and maintaining relationships with customers

  •      Dispute management and credit management

  •       Case studies


  What did attendees say about this training?

  • "It was focused on company strategy"

  • "This was a real team building exercise"

  • "Informative and instructive, we are learning from each other"

  • "Extensive and interactive"

  • "Engaging"

  • "An opportunity to openly discuss weaknesses / problems"

  • "Clear Powerpoint"

  • "Good tools and take aways for the future"

  • "Helpful to improve working with sales and other teams"